Designed as a classical chamber music hall seating around 800 by the renowned architect Prof. O. M. Ungers, the Robert-Schumann-Saal is integrated into the Kunstpalast, thus offering an unsual link between art and music.

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The Robert-Schumann-Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art stage and venue technology and can be used for cultural events, corporate functions, conferences, receptions and banquets.

Total area // 600 m²
Adjacent foyer // 250 m²
Capacity with theatre-style seating, not including gallery // 656 people
Capacity with theatre-style seating, including gallery // 796 people
Capacity with classroom-style seating // 320 people
Capacity with banquet-style seating, round tables // 200 people
Capacity with banquet-style seating, rectangular tables // 416 people


Blick in den Robert-Schumann-Saal