Ehrenhof Prize 2018 Aurel Dahlgrün – Irgendwo im Tiefenrausch

In 2018, at the annual open house days of the Academy of Art, the so-called Rundgang, Aurel Dahlgrün (*1989), student of Christopher Williams, was awarded the Ehrenhof Prize for his work “19 weeks of water”.

27 June -  15 September 2019



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The jury was composed of Dr. Georg Landsberg, the founder of the prize, Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer, Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen, Prof. Rita McBride, Academy of Art Düsseldorf, Prof. Mischa Kuball, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, as well as Felix Krämer, Director General of the Kunstpalast.

Since 2016, the Ehrenhof Prize worth 20,000 Euro has been awarded by the Kunstpalast jointly with the Düsseldorf entrepreneur Dr. Georg Landsberg on the occasion of the Rundgang. The award is regarded as the most valuable prize for academy graduates in Germany. It is composed of 10,000 Euro in prize money and the presentation of a solo exhibition at the Kunstpalast, including an accompanying publication.

Curator: Kay Heymer 






Aurel Dahlgrün | Wirbel I, 2019, Heliogravur, 19 x 14,2 cm © Aurel Dahlgrün