Hanck´s Universe

Wolfgang Hanck, retired Catholic priest, is a passionate collector of contemporary drawings.

3 October 2019 - 12 January 2020



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Eleven years ago, he made a first donation of more than 1,800 works to the Kunstpalast.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Wolfgang Hanck once again bestowed a generous donation on the Kunstpalast. Alongside a number of paintings, 76 works on paper by a total of 39 artists have entered the collection of the Kunstpalast. The donation includes works by Rania Akl (*1982), Kaja el Attar (*1979), Canan Dagdelen (*1960), Felix Droese (*1950), Henrik Eiben (*1975), Andreas Fink (*1973), Pius Fox (*1983), Jonas Hafner (*1940), Lena von Goedeke (*1983), Alan Johnston (*1959), Akane Kimbara (*1971), Ben Kruisdijk (*1981), Heinrich Küpper (1919-2009), Stefan Löffelhardt (*1959), Christiane Löhr (*1965), Ruth May (*1974), Monika Michalko (*1982), Ronald Noorman (1951–2018), Lars Otten (*1982), Danica Phelps (*1971), Christine Reifenberger (*1964), Sebastian Rug (*1974), Nora Schattauer (*1952), Hanns Schimansky (*1949), Malte Spohr (*1958), Rainer Storck (*1955), David Storey (*1948), Martin Streit (*1964), Johan Tahon (*1965), Gerd und Uwe Tobias (*1973), Hana Usui (*1974), Irene Weingartner (*1971), Ralf Witthaus (*1973), Natalia Załuska (*1984), Andrea Zaumseil (*1957) and Uli Zwerenz (*1958). On the occasion of the handover a selection of the donated works will be presented to the public for the first time.

Curator: Gunda Luyken.




Danica Phelps | 62 from income's outcome, 3rd generation, 2013, Bleistift, Aquarell, Gouache, Japan­papier, Recyclingpapier auf Papier auf Holz, 44,9 x 22,8 cm, Foto: Galerie Werner Klein, Köln © Danica Phelps