Time for Outrage! Art in times of social anger

Under the heading “Time for Outrage!” the Kunstpalast is showing an international group exhibition of around 60 works illustrating and reflecting upon notions of anger and rage within our society against the backdrop of current political challenges.

28.10. - 10.1.2021

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Rather than presenting solutions of problems, the works are about testing the possibilities of taking a stance in the face of current societal and social grievances. The artists presented invariably share an explicitly political attitude that is characteristic of their entire oeuvre.

The exhibition includes installation art, photographs, videos, paintings, drawings and sculptures by Kader Attia (*1970), Monica Bonvicini (*1965), Andrea Bowers (*1965), Peggy Buth (*1971), Thomas Hirschhorn (*1957), Šejla Kamerić (*1976), Iris Kettner (*1968), Liz Magic Laser (*1981), Erik van Lieshout (*1968), Bjarne Melgaard (*1967), Signe Pierce (*1988), Julian Röder (*1981), Santiago Sierra (*1966), Adriana Varejão  (*1964), Ahmet Ögüt (*1981) and many others. 

Curators: Linda Peitz and Florian Peters-Messer




Bjarne Melgaard | „I am not a piece of shit I am a piece of society“, 2009, various materials on canvas, 150 x 120 x 6 cm, Private Collection © Bjarne Melgaard / VG Bild-Kunst, 2020, Photo: Björn Behren