Die Grosse

DIE GROSSE Kunstausstellung NRW Düsseldorf can truly be described as the biggest exhibition organized by artists for artists in Germany.

30. June - 4. August 2019

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Founded in 1902 it is one of the few exhibitions in which the museum visitor can buy the exhibited works without the participation of a gallery.
The initiated change with a changing jury,a generous presentation and further opening to a larger public as well as a strong presence in the media has led the exhibition on the way to one of the important Düsseldorf art events. On display will be works by around 180 artists from the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, graphics and new media. In addition, works will be shown for the first time on the grounds of the museum.
Special events will be presented on Thursdays named:”DONNERHALL” and on Sundays the ”Matinée” events.

29.6.2019 // 8 pm, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf


Exhibition view "Die Grosse" 2018 | Photo: Nana Franck