GERMAN GROBE and the Düsseldorfer School of Painting in Katwijk The donation from Eberhard Bieber, Düsseldorf

Eberhard Bieber is the grandson of German Grobe (1857-1938), student of the Düsseldorf School of Painting. The donation to the gallery of paintings from Grobe’s bequest comprises eleven oil paintings and two drawings, including one of his principal works, “Voorstraat in Katwijk“.

13.5.2016 – 5.2.2017

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Like his teacher Eugène Dücker and the students of the Düsseldorf School of Paintings Liesegang, Hambüchen or Jernberg, Grobe is among those artists who turned to the Dutch coastal landscape and to describing the milieu of the life of Dutch fishermen. From the 1880s an artists’ colony emerged in Katwijk aan Zee, one of whose central figures, alongside painters of the Hague School and Max Liebermann, was German Grobe. Grobe worked side-by-side with Liebermann on the beach of Katwijk.

Museum Kunstpalast places the donation from Eberhard Bieber within the context of works by Liebermann, Liesegang, Hambüchen, Bochmann and Jernberg, all of whom worked in Katwijk. The exhibition thus demonstrates ways in which the Düsseldorf School of Painting explored modern plein air painting inspired by the Hague School and German Naturalism akin to that of Max Liebermann. German Grobe’s “Women Harvesting Potatoes” ties in with a principal work of the collection, Liebermann’s “Potato Harvest”.