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Museums are boring? Not true! Come and see for yourself with art, music, workshops, drinks and snacks!

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Museum for all

"Dein Kunstpalast" goes into a new round on 18.11.2022 from 6-9pm!

We are gradually inviting residents of selected districts to the Kunstpalast and the NRW-Forum. Visitors can visit exhibitions, take part in workshops with their families, listen to live music or talk to each other.

The admission is free for the respective districts.

This time we welcome visitors from Düsseltal, Flingern Nord und Flingern Süd. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Please note: During our events, we will be taking pictures which will be used for subsequent publications of the Kunstpalast and NRW-Forum.

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In cooperation with the Fritz Henkel Foundation

Museum for all
Programme at the Kunstpalast

Art talks for all in the exhibitions "Christo and Jeanne-Claude" and "Evelyn Richter".

Art mediators are available to talk to all visitors and to discuss the exhibitions. Questions can be asked and the contents discussed.

Music by the "Duo Julie and Grant" at "Christo and Jeanne-Claude".

Painting station for families

All children will receive a booklet with stories and riddles to accompany the exhibition "Christo and Jeanne-Claude". Papers and pens are available on tables in the exhibition, so everyone can draw and paint and take home a souvenir.

Photo station

In the photo exhibition "Evelyn Richter" there is a dedicated photo station, everyone gets their own quickly printed Polaroid on request.

Foyer and crystal bar

With free drinks and snacks you can listen to music, talk or just enjoy the evening!


Programme at the NRW-Forum

Art educators offer art talks and go on a discovery tour through the exhibition "Wonderwalls" together with the visitors.

On the 1st floor, a workshop is set up where all visitors are invited to create virtual graffiti under expert guidance - a very special treat!

In front of the entrance of the NRW-Forum is a photo truck, with your support the facade of the NRW-Forum will be covered with large-format prints!

DJ Tobias Koss will be spinning and ensuring a good atmosphere there as well.

Snacks and drinks will be available free of charge at the Pong restaurant.