Kunstpalast in Bloom

12 Apr – 21 Apr 2024

Kunstpalast in Bloom
Floral composition “cloud” by Tannendiele in front of “Himmelfahrt Mariae” by Peter Paul Rubens, Photo: Anne Orthen


12 Apr – 21 Apr 2024


» Kunstpalast
  • Admission: 16 € / concessions 12 €

  • Children / young people under 18: free

  • Members of Friends of the Kunstpalast: free

Floral composition by Victor Breuer in the collection in front of the work
Floral composition by Victor Breuer in the collection in front of the work “Amor, einen Pfeil in ein Herz stechend”, ca. 1890, Sally von Kügelgen, Photo: Sabrina Rothe

Fragrant blossoms, fresh greenery and blossoming branches – just in time for the start of spring and for a short time only, an extraordinary presentation will be on show at the Kunstpalast for the first time from 12 April!

11 Düsseldorf florists will be interpreting the artworks from the recently reopened collection tour. They will complement them with their own ephemeral sculpture – a creative flower arrangement. The resulting new poetic spaces invite visitors to view nature in a different context and to take a surprising new look at art.

Numerous renowned florists responded to the Kunstpalast’s call to engage with the museum’s collection and create floral interpretations of individual works. They had a completely free hand in selecting the works and designing the corresponding floral arrangements.

Participating Florists

Blumenhaus am Hofgarten – Tino Hoogterp
Blumen Lehmann – Victoria Bernds
Blumen Tanzmann – Anne Haase-Tanzmann
Die Blumenmanufaktur – Thomas Mickeleit
Dornrose – Sabine Krusekopf
Nymph Blumendesign – Alla Mandic
October First Studio – Nina Gehrke
Tannendiele – Astrid Franke, Michael Frings
Victor Breuer – Victor Breuer, Nele Münzner

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