The new Photography Collection

19 Feb – 13 Sept 2020

Man Ray, Les Larmes (Die Tränen), 1933


19 Feb – 13 Sept 2020


» Kunstpalast
  • Admission: 9€ / concessions 7€

  • Children / young people under 18: free

  • Members of Friends of the Kunstpalast: free

Ludwig Windstosser, Düsseldorf (Fußgängerbrücke), 1950er-Jahre
Ludwig Windstosser, Düsseldorf (Fußgängerbrücke), 1950er-Jahre


For the first time an art exhibition in Düsseldorf dedicated to photography sets out to unravel all of the medium’s many facets.

This is made possible by the Kunstpalast’s recent acquisition of more than 3,000 photographs. In the presentation of the new collection, avant-garde icons ranging from Man Ray through to Bernd and Hilla Becher are complemented by surprising, lesser known positions, while series of works are juxtaposed with individual pictures.

The exhibition comprising around 150 works presents a panorama ranging from the earliest techniques to the snapshot, elucidating a wealth of application contexts spanning the areas of press, publicity, science, through to fashion. The exhibition offers different thematic points of access to photography and illuminates the medium’s rich diversity.

Curator: Linda Conze 
Sponsored by:
Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung
Stiftung Van Meeteren Düsseldorf


A catalogue comprising 192 pages is published by DistanzVerlag, with 200 illustrations, a foreword by Felix Krämer and texts by Linda Conze, Janos Frecot, Vera Knippschild and Thomas Weski. (German / English)

Museum edition: 29,80 €
Retail edition: 36,00 €