It’s all art?! From Aldi to Rubens


Following extensive reconstruction, renovation and modernisation work, the collection wing of the Kunstpalast has been presented in a completely new light since November 2023. However, the new presentation is not a permanent exhibition: shortly after the reopening, around 150 exhibits have already been returned to the depot, while other exhibits have been brought out and taken their place in the tour.

Günther Fruhtrunk, Aldi Tüte Plastik, Entwurf 1970, Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, Photo: Andreas Endermann
Günther Fruhtrunk, Aldi Tüte Plastik, Entwurf 1970, Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, Photo: Andreas Endermann

From around 130,000 objects owned by the Kunstpalast, the display collection shows around 800 works in a chronological tour of over 5,000 square metres.

Famous paintings, such as Rubens’ Ascension or Cranach’s Unequal Couple, meet exhibits that make many a visitor wonder: Birkenstock sandals and an Aldi bag, for example. Is that art? Of course it is!

Whether miniature or monumental work, everyday object or piece of jewellery, sculpture or porcelain, drawing or interactive VR installation – this collection unites all genres. Thanks to regular new additions and rearrangements as well as temporary interventions and special presentations such as Kunstpalast in Bloom, the permanent collection, which now runs under the title It’s all Art?!, is always on the move and there is always something new to discover on the tour.

Bronner Saal, Photo: Anne Orthen
Bronner Saal, Photo: Anne Orthen

The broad concept of art in our collection It’s all Art?! From Aldi to Rubens allows surprising changes of perspective. The presentation examines the relevance of historical and contemporary art, establishes connections to current themes and demonstrates the similarities between what at first glance appear to be very different works that were created at the same time – free from stylistic categorisations and regardless of their origin.

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  • Explore our new collection with Antje and Gisela.

    Explore our new collection with Antje and Gisela.


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    Martial Raysse, Sur la plage, 1962, Foto: Anne Orthen
    Martial Raysse, Sur la plage, 1962, Foto: Anne Orthen

    The tour of our new collection

    Over the past three years, the Kunstpalast has been completely renovated. The new concept for the permanent exhibition offers a fresh look at the collection, which was completely redesigned in terms of both space and content.
    Thanks to the generous support of the City of Düsseldorf the vision of a modern, open museum that makes everyone feel welcome – regardless of their age or prior knowledge of art history – has been realised.

    The Kunstpalast collection is divided into seven sections: the Picture Gallery, the Collection of Prints and Drawings, Sculpture and Applied Art, Glass, Modern Art, Photography and Time-Based Media. The Picture Gallery houses European paintings from the fifteenth to the early twentieth century and is based on the Picture Gallery of Elector Palatinate Johann Wilhelm. The Düsseldorf School of Painting is a particular focal point of the collection.

    Exhibition View, Photo: Anne Orthen
    Exhibition View, Photo: Anne Orthen

    The museum’s collection is extensive, with around 130,000 objects from 11 centuries, various continents and all eras and genres. In addition to the historical holdings of the Düsseldorf Art Academy, other significant contributions to the main collection are the works from the Willi Kemp Foundation and those donated by Wolfgang Hanck.

    The presentation of the collection is generously supported by the City of Düsseldorf and our sponsors and museum gallery sponsors.

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    The Creamcheese Room, Photo: Andreas Endermann
    The Creamcheese Room, Photo: Andreas Endermann

    Reconstruction of the Legendary Creamcheese

    Time travel to the 1960s

    The legendary Düsseldorf underground club Creamcheese, which was THE hotspot for the music and art scene from the late 1960s to the 1970s, has been brought back to life here.

    After its closure, the artistic interior became the property of the Kunstpalast in 1978.
    The bar area of this legendary pub has been reconstructed and is now on display at the Kunstpalast, with works by Günther Uecker, Gerhard Richter, Daniel Spoerri and other artists exhibited there at the time.

    Part of the collection tour during regular opening hours, on Saturdays the Creamcheese room also invites visitors to stay late into the evening with drinks and music from the 1960s and 1970s. The bar can be booked for events on Fridays.

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    Katalog “Der neue Kunstpalast”


    The new Kunstpalast

    The publication, published by Wienand Verlag, comprises 256 pages and 200 colour illustrations, with a greeting from Lord Mayor Stephan Keller and an introduction by Director General Felix Krämer.

    Edited by Felix Krämer with Felicity Korn and Westrey Page, 256 pages with 200 colour illustrations, 27 x 36 cm, language: German, Paperback edition 29,90 € in the museum shop. Online prices vary.

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    The Kunstpalast App

      The Kunstpalast App with Wassily Kandinsky, Stille Harmonie, 1924
      The Kunstpalast App with Wassily Kandinsky, Stille Harmonie, 1924

      Experience art in multiple dimensions

      Developed in cooperation with our digital partner ERGO, the Kunstpalast app now offers visitors an immersive, enhanced art experience. Available free of charge, the app enables visitors to experience works of art from the collection using augmented reality, combining learning and fun at the same time: while some features provide additional information on individual works, others are designed to amaze with surprising specials.

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      Photo: Anne Orthen
      Photo: Anne Orthen


      Being creative together

      The cultural education workshops are now presented in a new location with a revised concept: the Palace Studio is a 350-square-metre, light, open and accessible space for working and thinking that combines a studio and a media lab, a darkroom and a discussion venue

      The museum’s education partner, C. Josef Lamy GmbH, is the new sponsor of this meeting place for artistic and creative exchange.

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      The Spot On Room, Photo: Anne Orthen

      Spot on room

      On the 1st floor of our new collection tour, there is a special room that provides a stage for changing exhibitions. Twice a year, this space is reorganised to focus on different themes and artists from our collection.

      The new cabinet exhibition “Hairytales” focuses on female body hair, which presents works of painting, photography, graphic art and design from the 16th century to the present day.

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      Offers for children

        Room by Christoph Niemann, Photo: Andreas Endermann
        Room by Christoph Niemann, Photo: Andreas Endermann

        Rhino palast

        Hidden rooms by Christoph Niemann

        Our visitors, young and old, can discover four hidden children’s rooms in our new tour of the collection. Designed exclusively for the Kunstpalast by the artist and illustrator Christoph Niemann, these special rooms, called Rhino Palast, will take you on a journey of discovery that will test the limits of your perception and allow you to playfully take over the museum.

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        Tonie-Box, Photo: Anne Orthen
        Tonie-Box, Photo: Anne Orthen

        Rhino Tour

        explore the kunstpalast with tonies

        With Nele and Piet to Knight and Rubens: there is a lot for children to discover in the new Kunstpalast. An audio tour that can be played via the Toniebox introduces young visitors to 26 selected works of art in the collection through exciting and entertaining stories.

        This unique audio guide is made possible by the cooperation with the company Boxine GmbH, which produces audio systems with matching audio figures, the Tonies.

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          Photo: Stefan Arendt
          Photo: Stefan Arendt

          Meet Anna Maria

          The Taste of kunstpalast

          Saban Emini and Joakim Olsen are from now on looking after the culinary well-being of our visitors. Together with their team, the two Düsseldorfers are running our new restaurant “Anna Maria”. You can look forward to a varied lunch menu, coffee and cake as well as a selected evening and wine menu.

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